Lucky Charms

Have a lucky charm or totem? You may be one of the lucky people as a result. A simple trick can increase confidence,which makes more positive things happen, according to a recent study at University of Cologne in Germany.

Choosing one’s own talisman can be very effective. It is the power of thought that generates the token. The more it is used the more powerful it becomes. Choose a token that reflects something associated with a good memory¬† at a time in your life or that has a connection to you or someone.

Sometimes talismans and charms may change over the years, or suddenly one just seems to pop up; well-it’s telling you something!

I had discovered mine while writing my new novel, Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn where a boy wears a Thunderbird necklace. Believe it or not, I had found an old Thunderbird charm my mother had on a suitcase a while back. I knew I was on the right track with this novel

When tokens and charms appear at different times they are tied into synchronicity!

Enjoy the Journey!


The Magic Pen

Shortly after my first short memoir Losing Ground, I finally am writing the kind of novel that has been in the hopper for some time. If you read my first novel you already have learned that I depend on my Spirit Guides to help me write. It seems as though the information I receive is Divinely Inspired. It has been amazing to find that I will write details that later I find to hold real truth, especially in my newest upcoming novel, The Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, by Unforgettable Books. Once again, as I pick up my pen (yes, I said pen) the words will flow! And So It Is!