The Magic Pen

Shortly after my first short memoir Losing Ground, I finally am writing the kind of novel that has been in the hopper for some time. If you read my first novel you already have learned that I depend on my Spirit Guides to help me write. It seems as though the information I receive is Divinely Inspired. It has been amazing to find that I will write details that later I find to hold real truth, especially in my newest upcoming novel, The Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, by Unforgettable Books. Once again, as I pick up my pen (yes, I said pen) the words will flow! And So It Is!

One thought on “The Magic Pen

  1. rozie619 says:

    This is the art of a true writer this just how God does it all inspired He may wake you up @ 3 in the morning to give you something wonderful and creative. Stay tuned for my up coming book Titled Ink Of A Ready Writer I can so relate to this post.

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