Once–Ask Me Anything -Best Love Story!

Once- Ask Me Anything-Not Love  is not your traditional love story. It is written as if these two special souls were on a collision course with destiny.

I could not put this one down as you feel every emotion with  Maya and Morkel as you have to read on to see if they will finally become united.

There is a very spiritual message here not only for the characters but also for the reader. The words relay how love can truly change a person and what special power it holds. I shed a few tears as Morkel ‘s world is torn apart and you are with him every step of the way as he encounters the pain that he self inflicts upon himself. He will finally learn the true path that he was destined to follow with a surprise ending. This novel will leave you wanting a sequel as this love story must continue.


Mian Moshin Zia writes from the heart. This was very easy to follow and the way the characters are portrayed are very believable. Mian knows how to put his feelings to words and his words of a desperate man in love will cut to the bone. As the story is peppered with poetry you will find yourself returning to read them again and again.