Thoughts of Jonathan


Thoughts of Jonathan


As I sit here at the wreck site my thoughts turn to Johathan Palmer, the young boy  who drowned on a ship traveling with the doomed Wreck of the Ten Sails back in 1794 off the East end of Grand Cayman. The ships had rough seas and hit the reef. No one ever knew Jonathan was aboard being a stowaway. Some two hundred years later a local Caymanian teen will mysteriously learn of Jonathan’s story and help to unleash his soul so that he may finally find what he was looking for. 

As I glance out at the gleaming crystal blue waters I am overcome with a calming but eerie feeling, as those same waters once showed their fury as they led to the ill fated wreck  on that chilly February morning of 1794.

Coming Soon- Jonathan’s Locket,  XoXo Publishing, a  Chilling Fantasy for Tweens to Young Adults.

The Cayman Islands are awaiting this kind of novel that will bring to light many of the tales that continue to span over the past two hundred years.

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