The Baby in the Hat Box

As a Child during the Christmas Season my mother would tell me a wonderful story about the Hat Box Baby. I don’t know if she made it up or if it was told to her. Anyway, it was one of my favorites. I would lay in bed, listen and be taken away in the moment. Always right after I would be filled with joy and love and fall right to sleep. How I wish she was here now to tell me this story one more time .


There once was a couple who could have no children. They spent many a Christmas praying for a child of their own.

Years later they were driving through the  New Mexico desert just  a few days before Christmas Eve when they noticed this bright star up ahead. The woman had told her husband to pull over as the star was shining down so brightly . They pulled off to the side of the road and had noticed a large hat box where the rays of the star were shining down upon. As they walked over to the hat box, they could hear the crying of a baby.

They lifted the lid and sure enough a tiny baby boy was found! They quickly took him back home with them . They called every hospital and police station in the area and there were no reports of any child reported missing. The police suggested they keep the baby while the investigation ensued.Well months passed and there were no claims or reports that came in of someone claiming the baby.

They had now filed papers with the local authorities so they could legally adopt the child, as they were living their dream with this beautiful baby boy.

A few nights later a man from the adoption agency came to the house to bring the final papers to sign allowing the couple to keep the baby. They signed the papers and finally had their prayers answered.

When the man walked out to get into  his car he noticed a very bright star in the sky shining right over the couple’s adobe home. He stood in amazement and watched the light gleam right into the house. He got in his car and drove off.

The next day the woman had phoned the agency to tell them that the man had left his hat at their home. The agency said there was no such man of that name and description who even worked at the agency.

When they had explained about the adoption papers the agency said there were no such papers or had ever heard of any such hat box baby nonsense.

From that day on the couple knew they were truly given a gift from the Lord and lived happily ever after with their new son.


Come to find out years later when my family had moved to New Mexico others had also heard of this story.

I hope you will maybe pass it on to someone you love.

Thanks, Mama