Losing Ground- Gaining Flight

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It’s Never a Three Hour Tour


When my husband got a job in the Cayman Islands, he had told me we’d stay a year then decide whether we would stay longer. Well, it is now going on four years and I am still marooned here on The Rock with the Skipper,(Mr. Carey). There was always of course, means of escape, ones I frequently gave thought to, but never made that choice. Even with our boat, Angelica, I’d be lucky to make it to Little Cayman.

Yes, I will admit it is glamorous and is a small paradise; however the term, Island Fever, takes on a real meaning when you are living it.

Meanwhile, down here it seems I have been able to have lots of extra time,a change of lifestyle, and meet many people of different cultures. I have also had the opportunity to begin writing, which was something I was not able to do before with my full time teaching job. I always planned on writing when I retired.

Living the slow island life was a drastic change from the vivacious lifestyle I was accustomed to in the O.C. in Southern California. With that, I have been forced to take on a slower pace, gain more patience, and enjoy the beauty this island has to offer.

My newest novel, Jonathan’s Locket, a mystery for tweens to young adults will soon be released by XoXo Publishing. It is actually based on a real historic event that happened here over some two hundred years ago. I was actually inspired to write this novel one day after my visit to the actual site of The Wreck of the Ten Sails. I just had that feeling.

So maybe some of our journeys in life have a shorter or longer duration than expected according to our Divine Plan from God, the Universe, to be played out until we learn our life lessons or reach certain goals.

My days are now filled with boating, snorkeling,writing and much reflection.

As for the Skipper, he is also enjoying his new lifestyle which is filled with diving adventures.He brings home lobsters,Conch, and Lion Fish from every dive. We can pick fresh coconuts from our backyard trees. I haven’t learned to make coconut pie yet. You’d think I would have been inspired by Mary Anne after all those years.

I will finally say that whether your journey is longer or shorter , just go with the flow and know that we are all part of a bigger,master plan. So take with what has been given  to you and live out each adventure until is is finished and you find that rescue boat on its way to take you to yet another destination.

Enjoy the Journey!