How Strange is This?

Two years ago when I began writing ‘Jonathan’s Locket’ I searched the web for images of young boys from the 1800’s. I did find my Jonathan! There was no artist, or link to the photographer. I decided to use the image and search for proper ownership as my novel got closer to publication.

Well, today I  began my search and was startled at what I found.

The blog below has the image with a story of the boy.

The similarities are clear. He was an orphan, from England, and was named  John.

I now know that this is my  Jonathan and he wants to tell his story.

Please read the blog below:

4 thoughts on “How Strange is This?

  1. I believe there are no coincidences or “accidents”…only intentions that bring us to what we are meant to do. You are most fortunate to have the honor of telling Johnathan’s story.

  2. I will, Marti! 🙂

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