Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, a new novel by Lorraine Carey, is available for review

Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, a new novel by Lorraine Carey, is available for review.


You’ve Been Warned!

Many legends have come out of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, especially the legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Jacob Waltz claimed to have discovered the mine that was hidden by the Apaches and their ancestors for centuries. The Pimas fear these grounds and stay clear of them. Some say it is ‘Sacred Grounds’ where the ancestors of many tribes of that area continue to haunt and protect this area from so many pillagers.Termed ‘The Devil’s Playground’ be may a fitting label given some of the strange accounts that  have come out of the area.

During the  1980s I was young, and totally unaware of the background on this area. I was hiking with my husband and friends very close to Weaver’s Needle where the legendary mine is said to be. I noticed I began bleeding slightly and it was not from a fall. We all discontinued our hike that day.

The following day I had to visit the doctor only to find out that I was pregnant and to take it easy as I had unusual bleeding. The doctor had asked me where we were hiking. I had told him we were at Weaver’s Needle and he replied, “Ya might want to find another hiking place.” I never questioned him about his remark taking it as he was suggesting it was a rough climb.

Needless to say I did have a healthy pregnancy and never thought anymore about it until  some thirty two years later when I had started to write a fiction novel , Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, for Young Adult readers about that area, when I discovered that area to hold so many secrets, mysteries and legends. I had no idea that one of the biggest ones is that the area is cursed to trespassers, or those who step foot on the sacred grounds of the ancients. It finally came to me that I was ‘warned’ back in 1980 when I had bled during my hike.


With my research I have come across much information that talks about a strong vortex in that area along with reported sites of an odd blue light coming out of the mountains. Legends say ancient beings reside in tunnels deep under the mountain. People have  also reported seeing shadow people, and even alien crafts descending down behind the mountains. Most will tell you before you go, “You’ve Been Warned.


In my novel Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, the Adventures of Dean Banks, he will encounter some of these secrets and legends and how he handles them will surprise most. Coming Soon from xoxopublishing!


For more information on strange accounts to the Superstition Mountains you may want to check out:


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Debra Edwards’ Marvin’s Curse is Taking the YA Paranormal World by Storm!

 Marvin’s Curse will surely take the Young Adult world by storm! It truly is a whirlwind of intriguing adventure at every turn. You can’t but help fall in love with Marvin, the young teen psychic who has all the makings of an abnormal teen, and although he suffers from a family tragedy he is deeply disturbed by his gift.  He is deeply drawn into a very strange world of the Paranormal by a mysterious girl who leads him to find an amazing discovery of a dark underworld.With great vivid descriptions you feel as though you are right there in this dark and evil town. Here he will become a hero and find love with a very special ghost.


Debra Edwards knows how to capture the eerie tale of the Paranormal and entwine great heart warming scenes here. I felt myself, laughing, crying and not being able to put this one down. She’s got lots of tricks up her sleeve in this one.This was a very smooth read, and as a Children’s Reading Specialist, this would be at the top of my list.I hated to see this one end, and I hope to see Marvin continue on in a sequel. 

Divine Syncronicity


Divine Syncronicity


 The Medieval Village of Pacentro , Italy was one of our destination stops on our recent tour of Italy. My grandparents were born there with other family members. I wanted to visit for many years and stand by the door of my grandmother’s old house and visit the local cemetery to pay homage to the graves of many relatives.

This village is located in the Abbruzzo region with beautiful vistas of the mountains and surrounded by a national park .


One early morning my husband and I were walking up the steep hill around the village just past the church as the bells began to toll, which were three times. We suddenly heard the howls of a pack of wolves which seemed to be set off by the ringing of the bells. These howls also seemed to come in three sets. I was so alarmed (not by fear), as I have a deep love for wolves, I dropped my purse I was carrying and my husband stared at me as if we were simply frozen in time for a moment.


I turned around to pick up my purse and noticed a small grotto across the street built into the side of the mountain with the Blessed Mother. I looked again at my husband and we were both speechless.


We walked over to the grotto , where I was overcome with the feeling of such emotion words cannot explain. I splashed the grotto water on my face, said some prayers and then removed my shoes to feel the earth and get grounded at this sacred site.


We sat on a bench across from the grotto and let our thoughts catch up with us. I can only say that  the ringing of the bells, the howling of the wolves which caused me to turn around to look at the other side of the mountain all seemed to happen in an unexplained series of events, three rings, three sets of howls, and three events. 


Once again, syncronicity is at work at its finest.