Story Spirit is Moving!

 Story Spirit is Moving!

Story Spirit will be moving to a new location-
I am getting a new website SOON!
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First Sightings

First Sightings


Just a little ahead Dean could see a faint, red, glowing light coming from the top of a ridge. He could also see it rising and spiraling up into the sky. As he got closer, he began to experience a very odd feeling throughout his body. The red spiraling light beamed right up to him and circled his entire body before sweeping up again to the sky and dissipating. He was left with a warm, comforting, and tingly feeling from his head to his toes. He grew so warm that he had to stop, unzip his jacket, and take off his helmet. About forty feet away from where he sat, the glow took on a shape. Unable to believe his eyes, he thought he saw it form into a red coyote.

Dean being Dean – a boy with no fear –got off the bike and walked toward the bottom of the ridge to get a closer view of the coyote.

As he stood there, his skin became very warm and prickly, but he could not take his eyes off of the sight.

This can’t be real! he thought.

“Who are you, and what do you want?” he cried. The apparition didn’t respond.

It glowed a vibrant red, but made no sound. It was an eerie, but also a calming image. The coyote’s transparent head pointed up to the sky. As Dean also glanced up to the sky, he could clearly see a constellation he recognized as Leo, the Lion. He had read a lot about the stars and knew they were symbolic in many Native American legends. Leo, he remembered, is considered the ‘King,’ or life-giver. Its nature is the center of the heart through which all energy flows.

He noticed that the phantom coyote had begun to run off, leaving a red glow in his wake. It was as if it wanted Dean to follow him. He fired up the bike and decided to see where it would lead. As he rode, he almost lost sense of time. He felt as if he was traveling faster than the speed of light. He wondered if he could be imagining all of this, or if it was merely a mirage.

Soon, he noticed he was headed to the entrance of a cave. As he looked up into the sky, he saw that the red coyote had disappeared. He stopped the bike, took off his helmet, and began to explore the cave. He remembered the Lost Dutchman maps in the album, and he felt he was very near the cave leading to the mine. He knew for sure he was deep within Weaver’s Needle.

Suddenly, a giant hawk flew out of the darkness and almost knocked him over. He took a moment to recover from the unexpected encounter, then took out his flashlight and peered around in the darkness. He could see markings on the walls of the cave that appeared to be Native American in origin, but he could not decipher them. He was overtaken by a strong urge to continue farther into the cave, as if someone or something was nudging him forward.

As he scanned the walls he could not believe his eyes at the deep, luminous gold veins that ran along the cave. He placed his hand inside one of the deep holes along the wall. His hand became hot, and a golden aura encircled it.

Wow, this is awesome! he thought.

Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, the Adventures of Dean Banks, xoxopublishing

She Walks the Night


Some say ‘She walks the night looking for Jacob‘ as others claim she is the true ‘guardian‘ of the Lost Dutchman Mine deep within the foreboding Superstition Mountains in Arizona. She was the legendary wife of Jacob Waltz, the Dutchman who came and mined the area in the 1860s for which the legendary, Lost Dutchman Mine is named for.

Aponi was an Apache who was claimed to have married Jacob Waltz. She had told her husband the secret whereabouts to the mine as he then set upon to claim it and mine it for several years.

Her ancestors felt deeply betrayed and had cut out her tongue. During those next few days they raided her home and shot her with arrows. Jacob was hurt also but did recover. Aponi was not that lucky as she perished shortly after the raid on her home.

Reports claim Jacob had never recovered from grief after this. He sealed up the mine and had later moved out of the area.

Some say to this day they have claimed to see an apparition that is very transparent, wearing a loose flowing gown walking back in the vicinity of Weaver’s Needle, the location of where the mine is said to be.

So is she really looking for Jacob- or is she trapped in this dimension as her guilt has led her to watch over and guard the mine and  the sacred grounds forever?

Find out more to this legend in Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, the Adventures of Dean Banks, xoxopublishing.

The Case of the Mysterious Missing Earrings


Shortly before my mother had passed on she had given me most of her jewelry. There were many sets of different earrings.

I was wearing a beautiful pair of Celtic crosses when I was shopping and trying on clothes one day. I didn’t realize I had lost one of them until I got home. Histarical I phoned the store, but to no avail it was not in the lost and found spot. I drove back down there and scoured the dressing rooms but had no luck. I had returned home in tears. I kept that one Celtic cross as I had anticipated it would one day turn up.

Several weeks after that I was wearing a pair of heart shaped rhinestones to work. Somehow I had managed to notice the one was missing. I even had my students on their hands and knees looking all over the room for the one. Once again, I kept the one hoping that one day the other would show up.

A year had passed and neither earring had shown up yet. I still had high hopes and treasured the mates to the lost ones . I figured if they hadn’t shown up by now, I could kiss them goodbye.

My husband and I were on a trip to Florida and I was wearing a pair of gold loops that were also my mothers. One of the loops got lost somewhere in our hotel room. We searched and searched  but again, to no avail. I vowed not to leave for the airport until I had found its mate. My husband  however, had other plans. I think I cried all the way home.

On that flight home I began to now realize something funny was going on with this situation. I couldn’t figure out why this kept on occurring, but I knew there was something more to this.I had believed there was a leprechaun following me around just waiting for another score!

Well, just a few days ago, I had visited my uncle and cousin and had dinner at their house.As I hugged my uncle goodbye I had instantly realized one of my earrings had dropped off. It was  a thin pair of gold hoops that I had bought for myself.  I had looked on the floor where I was standing but could not see it. I  had  really thought it had got stuck in my shirt.

In the car I quickly threw off the shirt, but the earring was missing. It was nowhere, not in my cousin’s house, not in my shirt, nor the car.

No tears this time, only thoughts of how and why .

As I drove home with my husband we had talked about this. A feeling of warmth engulfed me as if I was comforted that I had left a piece of me behind. If my cousin ever does find the mate to my hoops I want him to keep it to remember our special visit.

So, for the explanation of why I kept losing a mate to several of mom’s earrings was one that was explained to me by a dear friend who was a medium and blessed with special gifts.

She had said that because my mother and I were so close, she wanted to retrieve one of each mate as I held the other-kind of a best friend bonding as we each hold one that won’t be complete without the other.

And when we meet again, someday- We’ll wear our earrings as a set- just as we were and always will be.

For You, Mom

The Magic Pen

Shortly after my first short memoir Losing Ground, I finally am writing the kind of novel that has been in the hopper for some time. If you read my first novel you already have learned that I depend on my Spirit Guides to help me write. It seems as though the information I receive is Divinely Inspired. It has been amazing to find that I will write details that later I find to hold real truth, especially in my newest upcoming novel, The Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, by Unforgettable Books. Once again, as I pick up my pen (yes, I said pen) the words will flow! And So It Is!