She Walks the Night


Some say ‘She walks the night looking for Jacob‘ as others claim she is the true ‘guardian‘ of the Lost Dutchman Mine deep within the foreboding Superstition Mountains in Arizona. She was the legendary wife of Jacob Waltz, the Dutchman who came and mined the area in the 1860s for which the legendary, Lost Dutchman Mine is named for.

Aponi was an Apache who was claimed to have married Jacob Waltz. She had told her husband the secret whereabouts to the mine as he then set upon to claim it and mine it for several years.

Her ancestors felt deeply betrayed and had cut out her tongue. During those next few days they raided her home and shot her with arrows. Jacob was hurt also but did recover. Aponi was not that lucky as she perished shortly after the raid on her home.

Reports claim Jacob had never recovered from grief after this. He sealed up the mine and had later moved out of the area.

Some say to this day they have claimed to see an apparition that is very transparent, wearing a loose flowing gown walking back in the vicinity of Weaver’s Needle, the location of where the mine is said to be.

So is she really looking for Jacob- or is she trapped in this dimension as her guilt has led her to watch over and guard the mine and  the sacred grounds forever?

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The Magic Pen

Shortly after my first short memoir Losing Ground, I finally am writing the kind of novel that has been in the hopper for some time. If you read my first novel you already have learned that I depend on my Spirit Guides to help me write. It seems as though the information I receive is Divinely Inspired. It has been amazing to find that I will write details that later I find to hold real truth, especially in my newest upcoming novel, The Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, by Unforgettable Books. Once again, as I pick up my pen (yes, I said pen) the words will flow! And So It Is!